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On the site HDVX.net, you will find the best Blu-ray movies and high quality video in a variety of genres. As all video clips (HD, HDTV) and movies (BDRip, BDRemux, Blu-ray) are only of high quality, you will experience an unforgettable pleasure when watching them. Download the Blu-ray-film or HD video you like and enjoy watching it at any time convenient for you!

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Definition of video quality: Blu-ray, BDRemux, BDRip, HD Video
Definition of video quality - Blu-ray • BDRemux • BDRip • HD Video

BDRip is a rip from a Blu-ray disk which is typically done in a 1920x1080 or 1280x720-pixel resolution. During the conversion process, significant data compression takes place; thanks to this, the size of the primary Blu-ray disk can be decreased up to 5 times. With correct encoding settings and using high quality software, the resulting video file (BDRip) will be undistinguishable from the primary material. The quality of BDRip is always considerably higher than that of HDTVRip, DVDRip, TVRip.

Blu-ray is an optical information carrier. This format was created for the purpose of recording, rewriting, and playing high-resolution video. In terms of information density, Blu-ray is significantly superior to the standard DVD disc. The main advantage of the Blu-ray disc is the higher sound and image quality.

BDRemux - a transfer from a Blu-ray disk, created by extracting the video and audio tracks. In addition, conversion (compression) is not performed, and the quality of the video fully corresponds to that of he original Blu-ray disk. The size of the Blu-ray recording is reduced as a result of the exclusion of extra material, such as director's commentary, additional audio tracks, and other included material. Most often, such video is wrapped in a Matroska (.mkv) container with a resolution of 1080 or 720 lines.

HD Video is a high-resolution video which is several times better (of higher quality) that regular DVD resolution. HD video can feature a progressive scanning (p) or an interlaced scanning (i) display. The HD content can be transmitted via television broadcasting and is then called HDTV. It is also necessary to note that in order to view HD videos comfortably on a PC, you will need a rather powerful processor (minimum Intel Pentium 4); moreover, all the necessary codecs need to be installed in the system.
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