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On the site HDVX.net, you will find the best Blu-ray movies and high quality video in a variety of genres. As all video clips (HD, HDTV) and movies (BDRip, BDRemux, Blu-ray) are only of high quality, you will experience an unforgettable pleasure when watching them. Download the Blu-ray-film or HD video you like and enjoy watching it at any time convenient for you!

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Manual proxy configuration in browser
For users from certain countries (typically, from the U.S.), the links to Blu-ray (BDRip 1080p, BDRemux, BDRip 720p) movies and HD video may be inaccessible. To receive a "working" link to the needed file, use a proxy server.

A big list of proxy servers is available on site spys.ru
In the "Country" column, you need to specify the country (Russia, China, Germany, etc.), do a search for a proxy server, and select any IP address and port.

For example:
Port: 8080

It should be noted that not every address you select will be functional, but you will nevertheless be able to select a fast and active proxy server without much of a problem. After selecting a proxy server, you need to register its address and port in your browser's settings:

Example for the "Mozilla Firefox" browser:
Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings > Manual proxy configuration > HTTP Proxy

Example for the "Opera" browser:
Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Network > Proxy Servers > Use manual proxy configuration > HTTP

Example for the "Google Chrome" browser:
Settings > Show advanced settings > Change proxy settings

Make sure the proxy connection isn't blocked by a firewall or an antivirus program.

If using a proxy server has not helped you download the needed file, contact us - we will help you resolve this problem.
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